1. Wrinkles stopped with astaxanthin

    Fight wrinkles with PINK power!

    You certainly don't FEEL old.

    Yet it seems like every time you gaze into a mirror, you can't help but notice it staring back at you: yet another wrinkle.

    I know you're not too worried over this stuff. It's what's inside that really counts, right?

    Of course that's true. But it sure would be nice if what's outside could match that inner youth!

    Well, my friend, if that's what you're looking for, I'm here with some hope. I've got a quick tip that can help erase wrinkles before they start, wiping away one of the most visible signs of aging.

    The secret isn't in some fancy skin cream that costs more per ounce than gold.

    And it's not in Botox, fillers, or other tricks.

    It's a potent age-fighting nutrient called astaxanthin, and new research shows how it can PROTECT your skin, BLOCK the damage of both time and sunlight and PREVENT new wrinkles from forming.

    It's so powerful that it just might help halt the signs of aging on your skin in as a little as four months.

    That's how long the study ran, putting two doses of astaxanthin up against a placebo in 65 women.

    Just 16 weeks later, the women given the supplements had fewer wrinkles than the ones who had taken the placebo.

    They also lost less moisture -- a key sign of the damage of age and UV light -- and had better elasticity.

    The study didn't find that astaxanthin had much effect on any wrinkles already there. But it did seem to block new ones from forming, which can halt the visible signs of aging and give your skin a more vibrant and youthful appearance, especially over the long term.

    That's not all astaxanthin can do for you.

    In fact, you might say the benefits are more than just skin deep, because this stuff is proven to reverse the much less visible signs of age that in many ways are far more damaging.

    As I shared this spring in the March edition of Health Revelations, astaxanthin can protect the heart, eyes, joints, and more.

    Since astaxanthin is a pink pigment, you'll find it in pink seafood such shrimp and salmon. But how often do you eat those? Probably not often enough, which is why few people consistently get high levels of astaxanthin from diet alone.

    If you're interested in the age-fighting effects, you'll find it available in supplements both on its own and as part of antioxidant blends.

    Need another reason to choose this natural cure over getting Botox injections? Keep an eye out for the October issue of my Health Revelations newsletter, coming in just a few short weeks.

  2. Wrinkles linked to bone loss

    What's on your skin might offer real clues about what lies beneath: Researchers say women with more wrinkles have less bone.

    And that means a few extra laugh lines could point to serious osteoporosis risk.

    Researchers from Yale University examined 114 post-menopausal women in their late 40s and early 50s who weren't taking hormone drugs and had not undergone any cosmetic surgery procedures to smooth or remove wrinkles.

    Then, they performed an exercise almost guaranteed to lead to self-consciousness: They gave each woman a "wrinkle score" based on the number and depth of their lines and creases.

    They also used a device to test skin firmness on the forehead and cheeks and took X-rays to measure bone density in the hip, lumbar spine and heel.

    What they found was more than just skin deep: Women with more wrinkles had less bone density -- and women with firm skin had greater bone density -- even after adjusting for risk factors.

    The researchers said at a recent Endocrine Society meeting that skin and bones are both made of collagens -- so sagging skin could be an outward sign that your levels of these proteins are waning on the inside.

    But whatever you do, don't start taking osteoporosis meds. As I've warned you before, these drugs can actually break the very bones they claim to protect. (Read more here.)

    Instead, take the natural steps now that can protect your bones later on no matter how wrinkly -- or how smooth -- your skin is.

    You might think the answer here is calcium, but it's not -- not by itself anyway, because calcium needs vitamin D and magnesium to help keep your bones strong.

    Many women already get all the calcium they need -- but they're way low and even downright deficient in D and magnesium.

    If you can't get these critical nutrients from diet and sun exposure, add some supplements to your regimen.

    They may not smooth your wrinkles... but they will keep your bones strong, and that's a heckuva lot more important.

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    There's a wacky theory out there that, at its core, suggests that forcing depressed people to smile – or least removing their ability to frown – can somehow cure them.
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