It's amazing what some people will put themselves through in order to look young.

They sit through hours of expensive, painful surgery and eventually – when the follow-up procedures are done, the bandages come off, and the incisions heal – they really might end up looking a little younger.

But at the end of the day, all they might get is a look – youthful, vibrant, but nothing more than a shiny new veneer on a creaky, aging frame.

With the economy still in the tank, plastic surgeons say many of their patients are holding off on those procedures. In fact, last year those surgeries were down 12.3 percent.

But there are still far too many people out there willing to go under the knife: Plastic surgeries rose from just 2 million procedures in 1997 to 10.2 million last year.

Too bad all those folks don't know there's a simpler way, one that works as well on the inside as it does on the outside.

You see, plastic surgery is really just a final extreme step following what you need to truly restore your youth.

All those cosmetic procedures can do is limit the outward signs of aging. Like a fresh coat of paint on an old house, it might have better curb appeal but the same problems on the inside will still be there.

But unlike a house, the repairs you make inside your body will start to show up on the outside in about 4 months.

I've unlocked those secrets to halting and even reversing the aging process – not by just making you look younger, but fixing the insides so you really do feel younger, too.

The solution involves replacing certain key hormones, and it's something that can be done safely and easily. The full details are online now in the May issue of Health Revelations. Sign up to read about it today.  By subscribing, you can get complete access to the archives and learn more.

It may not be the Fountain of Youth, but it's pretty darn close.