1. Strong-as-Steel Immune System Starts HERE

    Dear Reader,

    If you’re over the age of 50 a healthy immune system is absolutely critical in these scary times…

    That’s why I can’t wait to share this very good news.

    Imagine if just a sprinkle of a special nutrient could help promote a healthy, strong immune system.

    How much healthier, more confident and HAPPIER would you feel?

    A scientific study took seniors aged 55-87 years old and gave them a clinical dose of a “missing” nutrient for one year. They found that they had 5X FEWER INFECTIONS during that year compared to those who only got a placebo.

    When I saw these results my jaw practically hit the floor

    Because I knew something that most people don’t…

    1 in every 3 seniors don’t get enough of this critical nutrient.

    What is it? Zinc.

    But here’s the catch – you can’t just go grabbing any old zinc. You need the right kind of zinc.

    And lucky for you I’ve taken out all the guesswork with new formula called ElderWell.

    But it gets better. With my formula, you not only get the right kind of zinc (zinc gluconate) – you also get FIVE other nutrients that can help revitalize your immune system!

    Another study showed that this second, revolutionary ingredient, helped participants recover from colds twice as fast than those only on a placebo!

    Elderberry is responsible for these incredible results, thanks to its high antioxidant levels – the main driver in ramping up your immune system.

    The formula also includes vitamin C – a well-known nutrient that provides immune support, and also one that many folks are deficient in.

    I’ve also included a rare Chinese herb called andrographis paniculata. This ingredient brings one crucial skill to the table: fighting inflammation. The key to conquering any illness.

    Last but not least comes copper to make sure your body can absorb the ingredients.

    The best part about ElderWell? You get all of these power-packed, immune-boosting, vital ingredients all in one.

    There’s no wondering if you have enough vitamin C… or if you’ve gotten the right kind of zinc. The hard work has been done for you.

    And now more than ever -- for this cold and flu season especially – you’ll want your immune system working at its strongest. Just click here to get started with your must-have immune booster, ElderWell (100% money back guarantee!).


    P.S. Fighting the cold and flu season is more important than ever this year. A titanium-strong immune system is your best defense. That’s why there’s no time to waste – start strengthening it now, by clicking here and getting ElderWell, risk-free.

  2. Zinc repairs DNA damage

    If you want to beat aging... think zinc!

    Bum knees. Bags under your eyes. Gray hair. And who knows what that weird lump is.

    Yes, friend, you can look and feel every minute of your age -- and then some.

    But the REAL toll of time is completely invisible. It's the wear-and-tear you CAN'T see or feel that plays a much bigger role on your health.

    As you age, your DNA practically unwinds -- like when you pull a thread on your sweater and pretty soon the whole lousy thing starts coming apart.

    Now, the latest research shows a way to STOP that thread from coming loose, LIMIT the wear and tear inside your body, and PROTECT you from the toll of aging.

    And you're going to love this one, because it turns out the secret to healthy aging is locked in a simple mineral that's easy to get.

    It's zinc!

    The new study finds that just 4 mg per day of zinc in addition to your normal intake can stop the breaks in your DNA that cause it to unwind.

    Even more amazingly, it works in just six weeks!

    Over that short space of time, folks given just a little extra zinc got a boost in their level of proteins that work to repair DNA as well as the proteins that fight both oxidative stress and inflammation.

    That, in turn, can help slash your risk of everything from chronic disease to constant pain.

    There's a flaw in this study, and it's a doozy: The folks behind it are pushing "biofortified" crops, or crops specially grown to have high levels of minerals.

    In this case, it's "zinc rice" and "zinc wheat."

    Sounds like Frankenfood to me! Besides, with or without zinc, you really shouldn't be eating rice or wheat anyway.

    But you SHOULD be eating plenty of foods rich in this essential mineral.

    The best sources of zinc are beef and lamb, but both are also loaded with saturated fat... so neither are great options for everyday eating.

    You're better off getting zinc from nuts, seeds, and veggies like spinach and peas. The amounts are lower, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting what you need if you eat these foods at every meal and take a decent multivitamin each day.

    Don't take a supplement unless you know you're falling short -- and the only way to know for sure is to get tested.

    If you're concerned about your zinc levels (and if you've been eating a mainstream diet, you probably should be) tell your doc you want to get checked.

  3. Cold cure? Think zinc!

    There’s a cold cure you won’t hear about from your doctor – but it’s safe, cheap and effective. New research confirms zinc lozenges can cut your cold by three days.
  4. Zinc can boost immune function in seniors

    Zinc deficiency is common in seniors, especially the elderly, but new research shows how boosting your intake can help your immune system fight off illness.
  5. Natural cold remedies

    You can beat the cold, and new research proves again that natural options succeed when drugs fall short.
  6. Balanced diet and balanced sleep

    The best way to sleep well is to eat well. And the best way to eat to get the sleep you need is to make sure you get a variety of healthy foods.
  7. Probiotics can help beat the cold

    A probiotic blend can help reduce the severity of the common cold and shorten the duration, according to the latest research.
  8. The mineral your prostate is begging you for

    When you talk to your doctor about prostate health, the last thing you'd expect from him is a drug that'll make your prostate about as unhealthy as it could possibly be.
  9. Risky vitamins? Don't believe it!

    Common, safe nutrients and ordinary multivitamins are being blamed for everything in the book -- and now, a new study claims any number of vitamins will cause women to die early.
  10. Zinc beats colds

    A simple mineral could help you beat the cold and get you back on your feet -- and back on the job -- quicker than ever. A new study finds that zinc -- the main ingredient in many natural cold lozenges -- is so good at beating back the sniffles that it's practically a cure.
  11. The real secret to saving your eyes

    At some point in the next month, the feds are expected to approve a new drug to help treat macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in seniors.
  12. Think zinc for cold relief

    The makers of zinc-based supplements have gotten into some trouble with the feds over the years for promising shorter colds and fewer symptoms... but a new analysis finds they were right all along: Zinc's the real deal.
  13. Pneumonia guidelines boost death risk

    A new study finds that intensive-care patients fighting drug-resistant strains of the condition are more likely to die when their doctors follow established guidelines.

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