Dr. Stengler’s new brain health supplement contains memory boosting compounds shown to help you stay sharp, alert and focused. This revolutionary formula will help you recall details with ease, heighten your mental energy and enhance your memory. Imagine …   

  • Boosting your brainpower
  • A marked improvement in your short term memory
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Can YOU pass this

“easy” memory test?


It looks like child’s play, but many

people over age 50 CAN’T DO IT


Pay close attention to the four words you’re about to see on your screen… And do your best to remember them.






Take a minute and try to capture a mental image of these four words…

Now, what you’re seeing probably looks like a child’s game.

It’s actually one of the most advanced tests of memory and brain function ever created.

Scientists use it to measure changes in our brains as we get older. As you’ll see, people over age 50 often get some really surprising results on this seemingly simple test…

I’ll ask you one question about these four words – and you may be shocked by what you find out.

For the test to work, though, we’ll need to wait a couple minutes.

In the meantime, I want to share an exciting true story with you. 

It’s about how 17 regular people – using a test very similar to the one you’re taking right now – helped make a monumental breakthrough in memory and brain health.

And let me be clear: if you worry about your memory, concentration and focus… if you’ve had one too many “senior moments”… if you feel like you’re walking around in a fog…

Or if you have a loved one – maybe your spouse or one of your parents – who’s starting to worry you with their memory issues…

This may be the most important story you ever hear.

Because it’ll give you a glimpse into an exciting future.

A future where getting older doesn’t mean losing your mental edge…

A future where you’re not constantly looking for your keys, or losing your train of thought while you’re talking, or asking someone the same question more than once…

A future where the fog is cleared away, and you’re free to enjoy life….

A future where you feel focused, confident, and razor sharp all day long…

And most importantly, it’s a future where you stay in control of your mental faculties, and no one ever has to worry about you.

My name, by the way, is Brian Chambers. I’m a health researcher and published author.

I research medical breakthroughs for a living. Yet I never would have heard about this one if not for my friend and colleague, Dr. Mark Stengler.

I’ll tell you a bit more about Dr. Stengler’s work in a minute. Because he’s taken the breakthrough you’re about to discover to a whole new level.

And the “trade secrets” he’s agreed to let me to share with you today… could be life changing.

First though, you’ve got to hear this story…

It started on the morning of June 6th, 2014, when those 17 people arrived at the Center for Human Psychopharmacology in Melbourne, Australia.

They were part of a unique clinical study. The scientists at the center were investigating a memory-boosting compound that had shown incredible promise in previous studies.

They hoped for equally stunning results with a new version of the compound…

Little did they know the results would surpass their wildest hopes. They were…


On the verge of a true quantum leap in

memory and brain enhancement...


Those 17 people had been given a single dose of a compound code-named CDRI-08.

A little while later, they took a memory test, which included the same 4 color words you saw at the beginning of the presentation…

And their results were jaw dropping.

Those 17 people trounced the placebo group –- and their own baseline scores – but that’s not even the most amazing part.

They took the test just 60 MINUTES after receiving the experimental compound!

As the researchers reported it, seeing results that quickly – from a single dose – is almost unheard of.

In fact, in my own research, I’ve NEVER come across any brain-boosting compound that doesn’t take weeks or even months to have a measurable effect.

But there they were, 17 regular people just like you and me – blazing through the test like human computers

… A scant 60 minutes after they’d received a single dose of this incredible compound!

Just imagine if clearing brain fog, improving your short term memory, and stimulating your ability to focus… didn’t have to take months…


What if you could go from “foggy-

headed”… to sharp as a tack

 In the time it takes to watch a single

episode of Law and Order?


That’s exactly what happened in the research center…

And here’s where the story gets really interesting. This is why the discovery never made it to mainstream media.

The experimental compound, CDRI-08 – is NOT a new pharmaceutical drug. It’s not a man-made chemical at all.

In fact, it’s the extract of a very special herb from India called bacopa monnieri. Which means it’s wonderfully natural -- and it has a 3,000-year track record!

And the modernized version of this powerful herb, CDRI-08, is what turned those 17 people into “mental supermen” in one hour…

And that’s not the only study proving its power. In another study, it significantly improved learning rate and memory consolidation…

It also improves the speed of information processing, which means it helps you think a LOT faster…

The thing is, most of these trials were done in Europe and Australia…

And it’s still virtually unheard of in America.

Which is why Dr. Stengler urged me to send this presentation to you today.

Because this natural compound – when used properly – could completely erase your worries about brain fog and memory loss.

Just imagine having lively conversations with your friends and relatives – even your quick-witted grandkids – without missing a beat…

Imagine feeling bright, calm and focused in just about any situation you encounter…

Imagine the sense of security you’ll get knowing you don’t have to worry about losing your mental edge…

Complete details in just a second – but first… 

It’s time for your test.


What color was the text in the word “green”?


I know – it’s probably NOT the question you were expecting – and that’s exactly the point.

This test measures something called “directed attention.” That’s a fancy way of saying it measures how well you remember details you’re not focused on.

It’s how scientists learn how well the unconscious parts of your brain are working.

By the way, the answer is blue.







Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t remember. After about age 50, most of us start to have trouble with this kind of test.

It’s normal – but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it!

Remember – those 17 people in Australia ACED a similar test just one hour after taking CDRI-08…

And in the next few minutes, you’ll find out how to take advantage of this breakthrough yourself.

But first, let me share a little bit about the doctor who uncovered this research, Dr. Mark Stengler, just in case you’re new to his work.

Known as “America’s Natural Doctor,” Dr. Stengler is a frequent guest on TV programs like Fox News, The 700 Club, and PBS…

He’s also a best-selling author, with 34 groundbreaking books on natural remedies and protocols…

Yet despite all the media attention, his true passion is and always has been helping his patients.

He runs one of America’s most celebrated natural healing centers – a bustling clinic in southern California, a few blocks from the ocean.

That’s where he truly shines… away from the spotlight… helping real people just like you and me get back to a state of vibrant health and youthful energy.

It’s there in his clinic where he develops the most cutting-edge, innovative health solutions… using everything he’s learned in his 27-year medical career to beat even the most hopeless conditions…

And the memory-restoring, brain-enhancing method you’re about to learn is a perfect example.

See, many of Dr. Stengler’s patients are over the age of 65. And they often come to him when they or their loved ones start noticing signs of mental decline.

They come to him worried about the warning signs… frustrated at mainstream medicine’s lack of any real solutions… scared of what the future might hold …

Perhaps you can relate.

Maybe you’re afraid things will get worse as time goes on… that you’ll lose control over parts of your life… or that your most cherished memories will slip away…

Which is why Dr. Stengler has spent so much time over the last several years combing through new research… Searching for safe, effective, natural brain-saving compounds…

There’s certainly no shortage of hyped-up “breakthroughs.”

But as a medical professional, Dr. Stengler never falls for that stuff. He knows it takes a lot more than hype to make a real difference in his patients’ lives.

In fact, in all his years of research and clinical practice, there have only been 3 discoveries that meet his strict standards as true breakthroughs…

Hundreds… perhaps thousands of clinical studies, laboratory monographs, and research reports… and only THREE real winners…

And without a doubt, the most exciting breakthrough of all is the experimental compound you just heard about, CDRI-08.

See, Dr. Stengler was already quite familiar with the herb it comes from, Bacopa Monnieri.

He’d experimented with various bacopa extracts himself in his research – but always found them lacking.

That’s what makes this new research so exciting…

The scientists in Australia developed an innovative, high-tech extraction process. It results in a highly potent, extremely pure form of bacopa extract unlike anything else…

I don’t want to bore you with the scientific nitty-gritty, but here’s the key:

There are many different chemical compounds in the bacopa plant.

But the important ones for your memory are called bacoside saponins. They’re the only compounds in the bacopa plant that really matter.

And while other bacopa extracts are full of other compounds which may or may not have any real effect, the extract used in that study was concentrated to contain an extremely high percentage of bacoside saponins…

55%, to be exact. And to give you an idea, other bacopa extracts contain less than HALF that amount – if they bother to test the levels at all.

By getting rid of the unnecessary compounds and concentrating the real superstar ingredient, concentrated bacopa extract delivers real results… in as little as 60 minutes!

So how does it work?

Well, let me ask you… have you ever noticed how, when people start to lose their memory, it’s always their short-term memory that goes first?

They can recall old memories – like scenes from their childhood – with ease. Yet they can’t remember where they put their keys, or why they walked into the garage.

These things happen because our brains start to have trouble “locking in” new memories automatically.

You see, even after our short-term memory starts to decline, most of us can still memorize new things – IF we make a conscious effort.

For example, if you want to remember someone’s phone number, you can repeat to yourself every few minutes – keep doing this for a few hours – and that number will usually “lock in”.

In other words, it’ll move from short term to long term memory.

This “brute force” way of memorizing works for most of us, even after we start having memory issues.

But who wants to go through that routine every time they need to remember something?

It’s your ability to remember new things without trying – to unconsciously move from short term to long term memory – that’s what it REALLY means to have a youthful brain.

That’s what makes it easy to have flowing conversations… to remember driving directions easily… to avoid embarrassing “glitches” like forgetting someone’s name while you’re talking to them…

It’s called “memory consolidation.”

And it’s exactly what concentrated bacopa extract helps your brain do effortlessly…

And because it’s highly concentrated, you can see measurable results after just one dose – in 60 minutes or less!

Can you imagine feeling the fog lift that quickly?

And with continued use, your ability to lock in new memories gets even stronger…

Pretty soon, your brain is running like a mainframe supercomputer.

Old memories are safe and secure, and new memories are locked in automatically…

And you don’t have to worry about that moment when getting tripped up on something simple – like a relative’s name – is more than just a minor embarrassment.

If anything, they’ll wonder what your memory secret is!

Which is why Dr. Stengler insists that any of his patients looking for memory support try concentrated bacopa extract.

The results are so noticeable… and they happen so quickly… it’s almost like getting a brand new brain in one hour!

Yet as powerful as concentrated bacopa extract is on its own, it’s just part of Dr. Stengler’s complete brain-boosting protocol.

As I mentioned, in his years of research, he’s come across THREE genuine brain breakthroughs.

And by combining all of them, you could experience a truly stunning transformation.

Not just in memory-enhancement, but overall mental sharpness, ease of learning new skills, ability to focus on tasks like reading, puzzles and crosswords, and even your mood and sense of humor…

When you nourish your brain with all 3 breakthroughs at the same time, you give yourself the best brain of your life

That’s why Dr. Stengler took the extraordinary step of creating a brand new formula that contains all 3 in the most potent forms and his specified dosages.

It’s called CogniSense. It’s the first and only formula of its kind.

And if you’re watching this presentation, you’re one of the first people in the world to find out about it.

In years to come, you can bet other doctors and supplement makers will catch on and come out with “copycat” formulas.

They’ll probably be marketed with lots of hype and big promises – and they’ll surely fall short of using the right forms and dosages of the real ingredients…

Which is why you’re so fortunate to be here, right now…

You have an opportunity to be one of the first people to experience the “mental renaissance” this formula delivers.

Just imagine how your life could change, when your mind is running on all cylinders, and you wake up every day feeling calm, focused and energized…

Imagine the sparkling conversations with your friends and loved ones…

Picture the effortless way you recall names, faces, directions and appointments…

Imagine how confident you’ll be, when those “senior moments” are nothing but a distant memory…

And just think about how much more in-control you’ll feel, how free and independent… knowing your brain will always be quick and agile…

That’s exactly why Dr. Stengler created CogniSense, and why he’s so excited for you to try it today.

In fact, he’s offering it to you at a special early-bird discount price for a limited time…

Details in just a minute. First I want to tell you about 2 more breakthroughs that make this formula so powerful.

See, while concentrated bacopa extract makes locking in new memories almost effortless, it doesn’t address the WHOLE picture of mental performance.

Here’s what I mean:

As important as your memory is, there’s another “side” of your brain activity that’s just as vital.

I’m talking about your ability to learn new things.

Would you agree we live in a world where there’s always something new to learn?

Computers… then the Internet… now smartphones, Facebook… and who knows what’s coming next…

Maybe you don’t care about any of that stuff. I can’t blame you.

But I’ll bet you still want to keep learning. Taking up new hobbies. Trying new games and activities. Traveling to new and interesting places. Maybe even learning a new language or musical instrument.

And as I’m sure your doctor has told you, learning new skills is one the BEST ways to keep your brain young.

Plus, it makes life so much more fun and interesting!

And what a lot of us don’t realize is that when our memory starts slipping, our ability to learn new skills is on the decline, too.

That’s because learning means making new connections between brain cells. And as we age, that gets harder and harder.

There’s a reason for that…

You see, all the cells in your body use energy.

But your brain cells use a lot more energy than other cells.

In fact, even though our brains make up only 2% of our body weight, they use about 20% of our energy!

And nothing your brain does takes more energy than making new connections and learning new skills.

Just think about everything you’ve learned in your life… starting with learning to walk and talk when you were little… everything you learned in school… all the jobs you’ve had, and all the skills you had to learn to do them… all your hobbies… all the books you’ve read…

That’s why Dr. Stengler is so excited about emerging research on a compound called citicoline.

It’s a natural molecule, found in small amounts in certain fat-rich foods like beef liver, eggs and salmon. And it’s one of the brain’s primary fuels for making energy.

Of course, it would be great if we could get enough citicoline from our diet. But as we get older, we need more and more to keep up with the changes in our brain.

And even if you ate a serving of beef liver EVERY DAY, you STILL wouldn’t get HALF the amount of citicoline you need to make a real difference…

Luckily, Dr. Stengler has discovered a powerful new form of citicoline called Cognizin®. It’s all-natural, pure and water-soluble.

Which means it does what all the citicoline-rich food in the world can’t…

It delivers a fresh, potent stream of new energy to your brain cells.

In a clinical study on 16 elderly patients, Cognizin® citicoline increased brain cell energy levels by 14% in six weeks!

That may not sound like much, but only until you see what a powerful difference this makes in your day-to-day life.

Luckily, studies have measured that, too…

In tests on these 24 patients over age 65, Citicoline increased word recall 23%... immediate object recall 19%... and delayed object recall more than 25%.

Translation: it lets you learn new things faster and better than ever before – and remember them! Because it gives your brain cells the energy they need to do what they’re designed to do!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Clearly they never tried this...

And keep in mind -- when you combine the mental energy of Cognizin® citicoline with the memory enhancement of concentrated bacopa extract, it’s almost like your brain starts aging backwards.

Instead of getting worse as time goes on, your ability to learn and remember gets better…

Your friends and family can’t help but notice how sharp you are…

They see you finishing crosswords in record time… rattling off answers to tough Jeopardy clues… always knowing where things are, like the TV remote or the phone…

And soon they realize… they’ll never doubt your mental abilities.

They may not know how you did it, but they know something is different… they can just sense your self-assuredness and mental quickness.

If they ask, you can tell them all about CogniSense!

When you do, be sure to mention the THIRD breakthrough – because this is the one that takes the formula to a whole new level.

Did you know your brain is surrounded by a dense lining called the blood-brain barrier?

It’s designed to protect your brain from bad stuff, and only let good stuff through.

But like a lot of things, it gets less efficient as we get older.

Which means in addition to keeping bad stuff out, sometimes it accidentally keeps good stuff out, too. 

It’s another reason so many other brain formulas fall short – because even with the best ingredients, sometimes the blood-brain barrier keeps them from doing their best work.

That’s why Dr. Stengler supercharged the CogniSense formula with a unique natural molecule called vinpocetine.

Unlike the other ingredients, vinpocetine doesn’t make any changes to your brain on its own.

Instead, it boosts healthy blood flow to your brain.

It’s almost like it “amplifies” the effects of the other ingredients, because it helps more of them get into your brain where they’re needed.

It’s a perfect way to make sure you get the most from the formula, even if your blood brain barrier isn’t as efficient as it used to be. 

Which makes it the perfect addition to Dr. Stengler’s formula.

I wonder… are you starting to see how powerful CogniSense can be for you?

Can you imagine the joyful change it could make in your life?

Can you picture yourself, even after the first dose… firmly on the path to your best brain ever?

And rest assured -- it won’t be one of those things where you think it’s working… where you say ‘maybe I feel a difference’… or “I’ll keep taking it for a while to see if I feel anything…”

You’ll KNOW it’s working from the word go.

There are real, measurable improvements in your brain power you could notice just one hour after your very first dose!

And it will only get better, day after day…

Picture yourself a few months from now, after taking CogniSense each day, realizing you’re as sharp, focused and alert as you’ve ever been…

You can feel the mental energy increasing… the brain fog lifting… and the ease with which you remember details… almost like all your memories are right at the front of your brain, ready to snap in whenever you need them…

My friend, I can’t wait for you to experience what this formula can do for you.

And you’re so fortunate to have found this presentation today…

Because CogniSense is brand new! And that means not only will you be one of the first people to try it… you can try it at a special introductory price, well below the actual retail price.

And like all Dr. Stengler’s formulae, CogniSense is backed by a 100%, no-questions-asked Anytime Guarantee…

Which means if you’re not satisfied for any reason – after your first dose or your 500th, you can ALWAYS return your most recent order for a full refund of the purchase price.

And let me assure you it really is a NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund policy.

If you decide this formula isn’t for you, just let us know. Call our friendly, USA-based service team (the toll-free number comes with your order), and the VERY respectful person on the other end will issue you a prompt refund.

We make it easy to get your money back – because we know that for 99.99% of the people who try this formula, it will never be an issue.

They’ll be far too busy enjoying their newfound brainpower to even think about a refund…

And for the few who don’t feel that way, the process is quick and easy.

And as an added bonus, any order today will come with free Auto Delivery Service..

That gives you TWO great additional benefits…

First – we pay for your shipping. And second, you lock in today’s special price for as long as you keep taking CogniSense.

Here’s how it works:

Click the button below to place your order (you can review all the details before your order is finalized), and we’ll rush your supply of CogniSense to your door.

Try the formula for as long as you like – remember there’s no time limit on the money back guarantee.

Really put it to the test – try as many mentally challenging activities as you can think of – and pay close attention to the changes.

Notice how much more mental energy you have – how you can stay focused on challenging tasks for as long as you need to…

Notice how well you’re remembering details – how quickly you can call up names, faces, and locations…

Notice how easy it is to keep up with even the quickest-moving conversations…

Notice how you seem to be able to pick up new skills with ease, and how stimulating and rewarding it is…

And right when your initial supply of CogniSense is about to run out, we’ll automatically send your refill right on schedule by charging the same credit card you use today at the same low price.

Of course you can pause or cancel the service at any time. There are no strings attached here.

But with all the new memories you’ll be making, all the new things you’re learning and doing…

Remembering to re-order is one thing you WON’T have to think about!

And please keep our guarantee policy in mind – if you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason at all, just let us know and we’ll insist on giving you a full refund.

Friend, I urge you to click the button below now, and claim your supply of CogniSense…

Because when Dr. Stengler releases a new formula, it is certain to sell out completely – probably in the next few days.

And it could be quite a while before more is available…

Plus, if you wait, you could miss out on the special introductory pricing!

And doesn’t it make sense to TRY IT FIRST – to feel and experience the results for yourself – and then decide if it meets your standards?

So please, don’t delay – order now.

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light and moisture. Store at 15-30°C (59-85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

“I could feel a difference after taking CogniSense about three weeks! I started to recall little things in my memories. I believe in about in three months it will be even better.”

-Ben C., Naples, FL*

“To date, I feel my focused when I use CogniSense and do not feel as though I am standing at one end of the house with no idea what I went there for. I started my boyfriend on it also to keep him focused. It seems to help him.”

-Josephine B., Detroit, MI*

“I decided to try CogniSense because I was having times of jumbled thinking and was not remembering things as well. I think it has helped as I do not experience the jumbled thinking near as often and notice I'm doing better with remembering. I probably noticed some difference about one to one and a half weeks after starting it*. My life style hasn't had much change other than feeling more confident in being able to continue such things as teaching a kids' SS class. I'm almost 73 years old, so know the standard thinking is that the memory goes as we age.”

-Susan R., Alexandria, VA*

“I am very grateful to Dr Mark Stengler and will be in his debt for the rest of my life. CogniSense has been most helpful to me. I have no hesitation to recommend it to other seniors of me age. May the good Doctor continue his good work in healing. CogniSense has improved my memory at the age of 79 years.”

-Arthur S., Dallas, TX*

*Results not typical. CogniSense is designed to support healthy cognition.