Lumivella is the one beauty supplement that actually goes to work while you sleep. Find out how you too can restore your natural beauty. Plus...

  • Help fight wrinkles by promoting healthy collagen production...
  • Unlock your body's hidden potential to keep you looking younger and beautiful...
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 Inside! Find out the surprising reason one French woman is raving about an AMERICAN beauty breakthrough... 

“It’s amazing. I look the
same as I did 15 years ago.
I’m 64 years old.

For the first time, the stunningly effective beauty secret is revealed. A scientific marvel helps smooth and repair your aging skin from the inside out... painlessly and beautifully. Finally, get your GLOW back for good.

Please note: The surprising beauty secret you are about to learn is intended only for women who want the vibrant, glowing skin of youth—without expensive creams or scary injections.

Dear Reader,

Recently, I received an urgent letter from France. It was from Jacqueline—who had gotten an early track on a one-of-a-kind, and completely natural, beauty breakthrough for women of every age.

And what happened in just a few short weeks left her so thrilled, she was sharing her incredible story with EVERYONE:

“People tell me I look the same as I did 15 years ago, it’s amazing! I’m 64 years old. Thank you!”

With one easy secret, Jacqueline rediscovered how wonderful it feels to walk into a room with confidence and turn heads for all the right reasons.

And now you can discover the secret to feeling that same way again, too.

In fact, you can rejuvenate aging skin in no time at all, and show the world a face so naturally luminous and beautiful that you’ll...

  • Receive so many compliments you’ll be blushing like a teenager...
  • Find friends snooping around your makeup mirror looking for your new “secret”...
  • Catch yourself staring and smiling in every mirror you pass...
  • Even be begged for your skin care secrets... by your own daughters!

In what may be the most perfect marriage of nature and beauty science yet, I’m confident this is the solution you’ve been waiting for to...

Get gorgeous again...
and NEVER give in to old “tired” skin!

I’m Becky Jansen, Director of Research and Development for NorthStar Nutritionals. Because of my inside connections with some of alternative health’s most respected doctors, my girlfriends are always asking me if science has finally found the “fountain of youth”... the end-all-be-all answer to looking 10, 15, even 20 years younger.

And up until recently, I had to tell them no...

But what I’m going to share today is based on years of painstaking research that’s just now starting to come into the limelight.

Look, what woman wouldn’t love to look like she’s in her 40s when she’s actually in her 60s, just like Jacqueline?

And frankly, we deserve it!

But trying to cover up the signs of aging from the outside with cakey makeup... greasy creams... and drippy goops and gobs... misses the true causes of aging skin that can be so discouraging to see when we look in the mirror every morning.

Because what most people miss is that the secret to timeless beauty on the outside actually starts on the inside. Let me explain how you can...

Restore the lovely, radiant glow
you thought was gone forever

Just imagine looking the best you have in years with no complicated regimen to follow... no greasy creams or lotions to apply morning and night... and no special diet or detox program to turn your life upside down.

You just go about your daily routine and let the compliments start to roll in. What I want to reveal to you today may be the simplest beauty regimen in history—and one that could catch the attention of every important person in your life.

Honestly, we all dread the thought of our complexions getting “too old too fast.” And it’s frustrating when expensive lotions and creams fall short of our hopes. Believe me—I know.

So if you’re looking for a fresh new beginning, then let me tell you more about this remarkable formula that can indeed be...

Your long-awaited answer at last
to the problems of aging skin

The underground secret that helped Jacqueline turn back the clock and look 15 years younger is called Lumivella... and it’s not a cream, lotion, gel, or peel. In fact, it’s nothing greasy that you apply on your skin from the outside. This beautifying secret uses a breakthrough I believe will turn skin care science on its head.

And the amazing thing is, this breakthrough has been “hiding” in plain sight all along.

You see, your body produces this remarkable youth-perpetuating compound on its own. It’s called l-glutathione, but since that’s a mouthful, I call it l-GT for short. And its reputation as an age-fighting superstar is simply unparalleled.

Researchers have long believed that l-GT could hold the secret to graceful aging through its power as a master antioxidant. But they were stumped by one major obstacle: how to get more of it in our bodies.

Since it seemed the body wouldn’t absorb l-GT in pill or capsule form, there didn’t seem to be any value in taking it. In fact, most scientists believed that you were pretty much stuck with whatever amount of l-GT Mother Nature gave you.

But that all changed a few years ago at the World Congress on Anti-Aging.

There, a team of researchers, including our own Hyla Cass, M.D., shocked an audience of the world’s leading anti-aging experts with groundbreaking new insight into l-GT.

Their new research indicated that this vital nutrient could be the single “trigger” nutrient that promotes optimal overall wellness through the years... and even decades.

The magic bullet of anti-aging

It truly has the potential to tap into the triggers inside your body that determine how slow—and how well—you (and your skin) age.

How about those “lucky” women you know who always look younger than their real age? The ones who you run into on the street without a speck of make-up on and still look radiant?

The truth is, it’s not just good genes. Their “luck” could simply be the natural effects of Lumivella’s most active ingredient!

And guess what? Now women like you and me can make our own good luck.

Brian Day, Ph.D., one of the researchers at the conference I mentioned, confirmed that you can easily replenish your body’s dwindling supply of l-GT. Earlier scientists thought supplementing with l-GT wouldn’t work because their research suggested it would be broken down in your digestive tract far before it could be used by your body. But now we know better...

When they actually tested it and gave people l-GT, the truth was revealed:

l-GT supplementation works... your body soaks it up and stores it in body tissues where it’s needed the most... and the results can be stunning.

Now “crack the code” to younger-looking skin

We now know for sure that the real battle to stop prematurely aging takes place inside your skin cells, not on your skin surface. And it’s total war, too.

Scientists estimate that healthy skin cells can be attacked thousands of times a day by harmful free radicals, and ultimately wither under the constant assault.

When that happens, you wind up with the signs of aging you see in the mirror.

That’s why all the lotions, potions and creams in the world fall short in the end. They can’t crack the cellular barrier to fight off these forces, much less “reset” the cellular aging clock inside the way l-GT can.

Stunning? You bet. Because l-GT doesn’t just stop the accelerating signs of aging. It could actually reverse them.

So what does that mean for you? Without putting a drop of cream or lotion on your face, your skin can emerge younger-looking from within, thanks Lumivella’s “inside-out” approach. You can get that pampered glow again, as if you just had a relaxing facial at the swankiest spa in town!

Revive your natural radiance from the inside out

Your body produced plenty of l-GT in your teens and twenties. Remember when your skin was smooth, and even-toned with a nice rosy glow? That was your own l-GT in full flush, working to keep your skin the picture of radiant health.

But, the amount your body is able to produce diminishes with age. A big drop-off happens as you reach your early 40s. By the time you reach your 50s, you can see the results written all over your face in the lines and wrinkles... the unsightly age spots... the deeply creased crow’s-feet. Ugh!!!

By working from the inside-out, this rejuvenating advance can help your skin grow fresher and more radiant, as if you stepped back in time.

While your complexion becomes smoother and more even-toned, you’ll notice other women’s complexions changing, too—becoming green with envy! 

Yes, this single step can give your skin a healthier, younger look at any age!

In fact, research has already begun to show how this skin rejuvenator can help you see lighter, more radiant skin in your very near future.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial—the “gold standard” of scientific research—researchers found that supplementing with 500 mg of l-GT a day for four weeks made a clear difference in skin appearance...

Your true radiance can resurface in a matter of weeks

So with all this great news about l-GT, is there a catch? Just one—if you want to call it that.

Purity is especially important when it comes to l-GT, because your body recycles this miracle compound over and over again. It’s continuously released, utilized and recombined again.

You don’t want to introduce a low-grade “generic” l-GT into this critical recycling process anymore than you’d want to recycle dirty water through your kitchen faucet.

That’s why Lumivellafeatures Setria®, an all-natural l-GT produced by Kyowa Hakko of Japan, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical innovators.

Their intense research has produced the world’s finest l-GT, bar none. With Setria® as the core of Lumivella, you can confidently...

Give your skin what it’s been craving for years!

After just four weeks, these 30 subjects had statistically significant skin lightening—and that can mean a noticeable difference if you have age spots, dry or wrinkled skin, red splotches, or other tell-tale signs of skin aging.

That’s the power of l-GT. The more your body can consume and store, the better your chances of recapturing the ageless radiance you thought had faded for good.

Other women will think you were just born lucky with skin that stays supple and fresh-looking no matter what your age, but you’ll know who to thank! The anti-aging powers of this ingredient provide what all of those other anti-aging products and high-end cosmetics are missing...

The ability to rejuvenate your youthful glow at its very core

And the news gets even better...

In many circles, l-GT is even more famous for its detoxifying powers than for its antioxidant effects. And that’s a huge benefit where your skin is concerned, because toxic overload can simply make a mess of your complexion.

Indeed, experts believe that for some people, those dark under-eye circles that add years to your looks could be directly related to toxin buildup in your body. And no amount of rest or make-up will make that go away.

Even a healthy lifestyle is not enough to protect yourself from pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals in our air, food, and water. Ultimately, they get “soaked up” into your skin cells like water into a sponge.

Over time, what was once radiant becomes dull, dry and grey. You could look like you have a pack-a-day smoking habit even if you’ve never touched a cigarette in your life!

The simple secret to a wonderful healthy glow

Since the problem is inside your cells and skin tissues, you can’t wash or moisturize it away, either. Even chemical peels can’t reach the core of the problem, which is the accumulation of toxins in your cells.

But once again, l-GT comes to the rescue. It binds to these potentially harmful age-accelerating substances before they get to your skin cells and helps gently flush them from your system.

As the research team revealed during the anti-aging conference, l-GT “attaches itself to by-products of oxidation, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals and ushers them out of the body.” Simple!

Flushing away those toxins and rekindling that youthful brilliance may be easier than anyone ever imagined. And it’s so simple and nearly automatic with Lumivella’s l-GT boost!

Once we understood the full potential of l-GT, we knew we had the nucleus of something special: a new approach to skin care that could transform the field like nothing else before it.

If Lumivella contained only Setria, the world’s finest form of l-GT, it would still be a powerful way to rewind the clock on aging skin. But we decided to dig even deeper.

You’ll see—there is actually so much more you can do from the inside-out to restore your healthy radiance, and l-GT is just the beginning.

In fact, the second ingredient in Lumivella is such a stroke of brilliance that you’ll wonder why no other skin-reviving formula has ever gone this route before...

Wake up and glow with
nature’s most powerful rejuvenator of all

Imagine a vacation at a glamorous 5-star resort, where every night you’d ease into sleep cradled by the softest feather pillows and nestled between luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets worthy of a queen.

Before you know it, your stress lines would just melt away.

The truth is, our grandmothers knew what they were talking about when it came to “beauty sleep.” Restful sleep and serenity are indeed your complexion’s best friends.

If only you could get more of each!

Believe it or not, Lumivella helps on both counts with another modern-era miracle.

It’s called Lactium®, and it’s designed to make every night and morning feel as if you’ve checked in to the resort spa of your dreams.

Lactium is the reason you take Lumivella before you go to bed. It will ease you to sleep quickly and naturally, without any next-day grogginess, so that you’ll wake up refreshed, renewed, and feeling like a goddess.

And with the deep, sound sleep you’ll enjoy night after night...

...The frown lines and worry lines will fade away

...The puffiness and dark rings will retreat, and your eyes will have that sparkle again

...You’ll put your best face forward, and every day will be a good skin day

This all-natural milk casein compound was developed in France. It contains a unique amino-acid peptide that has been linked with greater relaxation and more restful sleep. It even works to decrease daily stress at the hormonal level.

In this concentrated form, you get all the sleep-inducing, anti-stress benefits of milk without the fats and sugars—and no lactose intolerance worries, either!

Lactium represents the power of science combined with the wonder of nature...

You’ll see the results in the mirror, but we wanted to see them in the laboratory, too!

In one double-blind, randomized trial published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who suffered high levels of the physical and emotional side effects of stress showed notably fewer symptoms in just 30 days.

In another study, adults suffering from poor sleep showed significant improvement in sleep quality, according to the definitive Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI-J), after just two weeks of taking this natural sleep aid.

In yet another study, Lactium even appeared to stabilize levels of the stress hormone cortisol! That’s important, because if your cortisol levels are chronically elevated, you’re more likely to suffer sleeplessness, as well as other unwanted problems, like weight gain.

No wonder Lactium earned the Bronze Award for “Best Innovation in Health Ingredients” when it was introduced at the Health Ingredients Europe (HIE) exhibition.

Of course, you and I both know that scientific studies are one thing—real life is another. But I’ll say this: Lactium has made me a believer, and I have no doubt you’ll be impressed, too.

Once you wake up every morning with that “vacation glow” and energy to spare, you’ll experience the true meaning of beauty sleep... and how Lactium has made it attainable at last!

And Lumivella keeps delivering, next with a collagen-supporting breakthrough that can...

Keep your skin naturally firm and
supple from within

Ah, collagen. As you already know, it does so much to maintain your skin’s firmness, elasticity, moisture, and overall skin quality.

The loss of collagen as you age is the true culprit behind unsightly wrinkles and prematurely sagging skin. And it’s why so many women pay a small fortune for injection procedures—even though these costly treatments can backfire horribly.

Today, thankfully, there’s another way to promote healthy collagen, and Lumivella has it.

It’s called Lumistor®, and it’s a unique form of L-hydroxyproline designed to increase skin moisture retention while also rebuilding skin firmness and elasticity.

Softer skin and smoothed-out wrinkles, anyone?

Lumistor is another remarkable skin-rejuvenating breakthrough that will usher you into the new anti-aging era with a smile on your face.

Right off the bat, it provides your skin with ample levels of one of the major core-building blocks of collagen—enough to help support your body’s own natural production and supply.

What’s more, in vitro studies suggest Lumistor can actually stimulate the growth and migration of the skin cells that synthesize collagen.

The end result can be a real eye-opener. Because in just four weeks, you may be surprised to learn...

Your husband is seeing a younger woman...

In fact, your husband will say you’re more beautiful than ever and even he’ll wonder how you did it.

After all, he won’t see you slathering on creams or notice new jars or bottles cluttering up the bathroom counter. He’ll just see the luminous young beauty he fell in love with years ago, shining through again!

You won’t need a detective to prove to yourself this is all really happening:

Just look in the mirror...
your eyes won’t lie

Yet even with Setria, Lactium, and Lumistor exclusively combined in a single formula, Lumivella isn’t quite finished. It includes three additional skin-refreshing ingredients, each for a very important reason.

First, magnesium. Being low on magnesium is bad for your health, period, but it’s especially bad news for your skin. This is crucial, because many women don’t get enough magnesium from diet alone and, as we age, we’re especially deficiency-prone.

Magnesium is essential in forming and using l-GT in your body. You need adequate magnesium to unleash l-GT’s full skin-protective power, so we make sure you get it.

We chose the magnesium glycinate form for Lumivella. That means it’s combined with glycine, which is also a core building block for healthy collagen. Glycine is even associated with better sleep, which fits into your new beauty regimen perfectly.

Next is milk thistle. This powerhouse herb works to flush away harmful toxins accumulating in your liver that can leave your complexion looking dull and unhealthy. It’s one of nature’s best-known and well-studied detoxifiers.

All told, this effective herb gives you sensible daily detox support in this increasingly toxic world.

Finally, beta-carotene. Vitamin A is essential to maintain skin integrity, and beta-carotene is the compound that is most readily converted into vitamin A.

Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that provides immense benefits to your skin’s cellular health. Studies show it may serve as a skin protectant to shield you from UV damage. When your body has enough vitamin A stored away, it simply stops converting beta-carotene into vitamin A. You get what you need with no worries.

With all these remarkable, age-defying nutrients combined in a single formula, we’re more than convinced that Lumivella is the finest skin-rejuvenating supplement available today. The feedback we’ve received confirms it.

Jacqueline is thrilled that Lumivella helped her look an astonishing 15 YEARS YOUNGER! We can’t guarantee everyone will drop a full 15 years, but just listen to how happy Lumivella has made these other women!

Women are delighted by what they see
AND what they feel

“There is NO comparison to other products I’ve tried...I just reordered. I can tell a difference in my sleep and skin for sure after just ONE month on the product. Lumivella actually does what it says it does!”
—Belinda Y., Hamilton, OH

“I just love it. My life is stressful and I need something to restore the resilience to my face. This does it for me!”
—Kim O., Fredericksburg, VA

“I had the best sleep with Lumivella. I could tell a BIG difference in my face. Thanks!”
—Bev C., York, PA

When you consider the breakthrough science involved, it’s really no surprise that women find the Lumivella experience to be positively uplifting.

So who else wants this amazing secret to
TRUE ageless beauty?

Go ahead—it’s your turn to say take a stand against “looking “old.” Why not see what this anti-aging phenomenon is all about?

With this exclusive invitation, you can secure your own supply of Lumivella at special savings and put it to the test yourself. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled by your fabulous new looks.

It’s easy for me to stand behind Lumivella, because I already know first-hand what it has done for my complexion. The truth is, I couldn’t wait to try it once the first bottles finally arrived here at NorthStar Nutritionals’ headquarters. (Who could resist?)

A funny thing happened a few weeks into my trial run. I started getting questions I haven’t heard in years...

“Are you doing something new with your make-up?”

“Did you get your hair done?”

“Have you been on vacation?”

“Did you lose weight?”

Something was catching everyone’s eye, and I knew exactly what it was.

I wasn’t the only one turning heads. I can confidently say that all my female colleagues who tried Lumivella were blown away by the results they personally experienced.

And that reminds me...

Lumivella is a godsend for sensitive skin, too

It’s really a shame that so many skin care products today are filled with additives and chemicals that can clog your pores, cause breakouts, and trigger redness and irritations in the long run.

There’s a word for all that stuff: GUNK!

It really hit home recently when I browsed a cosmetics aisle and checked out the chemical ingredients in various skin creams and lotions. I couldn’t pronounce half of them!

If you have sensitive skin, these products are like adding fuel to the fire. And who knows what their long-term effects will really be.

Lumivella offers you a healthy alternative to rejuvenate your beautiful complexion and keep skin fresh, moist and younger-looking for life. In fact,

There’s no healthier way to
get beautiful while you sleep

The truth is, Lumivella’s powerful antioxidants and natural detoxifiers support your health in countless ways, and the deeper, sounder sleep you’ll enjoy just makes everything better.

The amazing skin benefits, of course, are the reason you’ll keep taking it daily. You’ll be thrilled with a healthy skin solution that works from the inside out to...

  • Neutralize free radicals that age your skin long before its time
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and fade away unsightly age spots
  • Restore a luminous glow by flushing away age-accelerating toxins
  • Ease tension and stress in your life, naturally and safely
  • Promote deep, sound, beauty-renewing sleep each and every night
  • Maintain skin moisture and softness naturally at any age

You’ll love the way you shine at every dinner party... and how people you’ve just met for the first time will be visibly shocked when they learn your age!

You’ll always look your best, from head to toe, like Denise in Texas:

“Lumivella does something creams don’t do—it simply makes me look youthful. It even makes my hair more manageable and my lips look more youthful. I see the difference and I will keep using it!”

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Sandra G.’s younger appearance started turning heads in just 3 weeks.

“A friend told me I look younger than before... I had not seen her in just over three weeks. I am truly excited...”

Mary W. of Rochester, New York is absolutely thrilled with her new “secret” to looking and feeling radiant:

“Lumivella is totally different from everything else I’ve tried... there is a subtle glow to my face that I didn’t have before. It makes me feel great—like I have a secret that’s helping me to feel radiant. It works!”

When you think about it, Lumivella supports virtually all the age-fighting processes inside your body that help keep your own natural beauty shining through well into your 40s...50s...60s... 70s... and beyond!

That’s why I confidently stand behind our exclusive...

“They Notice Or You Don’t Pay” GUARANTEE

It’s simple: just take two capsules of Lumivella every night for one full month and wait for the compliments to roll in.

If your husband’s eyes don’t light up when he sees the new you... if friends at church don’t comment on your fresher, healthier skin... and if your girlfriends and sisters don’t insist you “let them in” on whatever new beauty secret you’re guarding, then we’ll refund every cent you paid, less shipping.

Here’s another thought: why not take a snapshot of yourself now so you can conduct your own “before and after” comparison later? You’ll see for yourself that the difference is like night and day. (If you do, please share the photos with us, too; we’d love to see the new you!)

This guarantee is ironclad because I have no doubt Lumivella will change the way you think about skin care for the rest of your life. After all...

When was the last time you felt
SO beautiful and SO confident
you could leave the house without makeup?

You can be one of those women other women envy, with skin so naturally younger-looking and beautiful you can flaunt it. You’ll grab your keys and head out the door without a second thought!

Best of all, you have all the time in the world to see the Lumivella transformation happen right before your eyes.

Because our money-back trial period is not 30 days, 60 days, or even 90 days—it’s unlimited! That means you can return your purchase at any time for a full refund, less shipping, if you are not 100% thrilled with what you see and feel.

If our initial response is any indication, though, chances are you’ll be ordering more bottles instead of returning them!

And to make sure you always have access to Lumivella—when you order today, you’re eligible to enroll in our complimentary Preferred Beauty Program...

You see, with the Preferred Beauty program, our free automatic delivery service, you’ll always have Lumivella when you need it.

You’ll never have to worry about running out—or even remembering to call to reorder.

As a Preferred Beauty member, the credit card you use today will be charged and you’ll automatically receive a brand new order of Lumivella delivered directly to your door—on the schedule you choose.

And as a special benefit reserved only for our Preferred Beauty members, we guarantee today’s pricing* on all future deliveries of Lumivella.

The Preferred Beauty program is absolutely free—you can personalize the timing of your deliveries to fit seamlessly into your schedule and you can cancel at any time. So I encourage you to take advantage of this exclusive invitation and place your Preferred Beauty insider order now... before the news begins to spread. Just be sure to select the “Auto Delivery Service” option when you check out.

The American beauty secret even
French women love

The word on Lumivella is getting out—in America, overseas, and even in France, where skin care secrets are family treasures are passed down from mother to daughter!

With Setria—what could be the world’s most powerful skin nutrient—you’ll promote lifelong healthy skin and flush away beauty-robbing toxins...

With Lactium, you’ll wake up refreshed and renewed every morning and look every bit as good as you feel...

With Lumistor, you’ll help tighten up any sagging, prevent creases and wrinkles, and enhance your skin’s elasticity and moisture—all as you help promote your own natural collagen...

Together with magnesium, milk thistle, and beta carotene, the entire Lumivella formula will deliver the fresh and youthful radiance you thought was gone for good.

Honestly, it’s a joy sharing something
this special with you...

...Something that can make such a huge difference in the way you look and feel in just a few short weeks. There has never been an age-defying formula like it.

For decades, the skin care industry has flooded the market with creams and lotions that merely cover up the effects of aging from the outside-in.

Now we’ve “cracked the code” to younger-looking skin from the inside-out, and getting those stunning, youth-restoring results has never been easier.

Just two capsules every night will uncover your own ageless beauty as you sleep. You’ll look the best you have in years, guaranteed.

Younger-looking skin will be yours again...
and fast!

If you thought ageless beauty could never be this easy and this natural... you haven’t tried Lumivella. It’s as simple as that.

Join Jacqueline A. and all the others and discover the same skin-beautifying, youth-awakening effects they rave about.

Reserve your risk-free supply now, and remember Lumivella is covered by our “They Notice Or You Don’t Pay” unlimited guarantee. We really mean it!

To your lasting beauty,

Becky Jansen
Director of Research & Development
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. The response so far has been so overwhelmingly positive that I urge you to place your order right away! Once word gets out about how easy it can be to rejuvenate your appearance overnight, I can promise you—our supplies are going to fly off the shelves!

*Excludes sale pricing

Allergy warning: contains protein derived from milk

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Individual results may vary.

“I did receive one compliment since using my first bottle of Lumivella. A friend told me I look younger than before...I had not seen her in just over three weeks. I am truly excited and have ordered the 3-bottle supply with Auto-Delivery Service. I have a 50-year high school reunion coming up June 2, 2012.”

—Sandra Gould, Myrtle Beach, SC*


“I had the best sleep with Lumivella. I could tell a BIG difference in my face, also. Thanks.”

—Bev Cullen, York, PA*


“I am very satisfied with Lumivella. I get compliments on how I look young and vibrant.”

—Holly Santore, Greenwich, CT*


“I’m 63, soon to be 64. People have been complimenting me on how young I look. One person even made the statement that I seem to be getting and looking younger… how about that?”

—Priscilla Tyler, Lewes, DE*


“I love Lumivella! I attend an annual meeting and every year since using Lumivella I receive so many compliments. It really is a pleasure when someone asks me why I don’t age. It is also a pleasure to sleep peacefully each night.”

—Debbie Spindler, Washington, DC*


“I have been taking the Lumivella and really enjoy the results.  I really like it and have passed on the name when my friends have noticed my nice skin.  They ask me “what have you been using?””

—Elaine Saltsman, Glens Falls, NY*


“I tried Lumivella to see if it could eliminate the dark circles beneath my eyes. And it works better than anything I’ve ever tried… including topical creams! Since using Lumivella, I’ve noticed that I’ve been sleeping better, and don’t feel as tired in the morning.”

—Suzanne Couch, Easley, SC*


“My friends tell me that my face is glowing!”

—Judy Jenkins, Menifee, CA*


“I don’t wear very much make up and have been getting a lot of compliments and questions on what I have been doing to have my skin look so good. And I feel really good. The best thing is I am mentally more upbeat.”

—Laurie Delcamp, Virginia Beach, VA*


“My skin seems smoother with Lumivella. The difference is that Lumivella works from the inside-out. ”

—Christa Shaw, Passaic, NJ*


“It really does make my face glow.”

—Olivia Jury, Glendale, CA*


*Individual results may vary.