Restore FX

NorthStar Nutritionals' best hair loss supplement—Restore FX—can help you start to regrow hair within a few weeks. Restore FX nourishes your roots, so you can enjoy a full head of hair and stop worrying about your bald spots. In just a few weeks, you could...

  • Stop your hairline from receding...
  • Revive dead follicles and start to see new hair growth...
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A breakthrough message from The NorthStar Nutritionals Health Center

STUNNING REPORTS reveal a hair revelation that could take you...

From "Bald" to BOLD--
in just 30 days

See and feel a difference in as little as 30 days--
or you pay nothing


  • HELP YOUR HAIR MAKE A COMEBACK! And it could all start in as little as 30 days or you pay nothing!
  • GOES TO WORK FAST, no matter what state your scalp is in...
  • THICKEN, STRENGTHEN, AND PROMOTE YOUR HEALTHY HAIR with phenomenal hair science minerals
  • SAVE THE HAIR YOU HAVE by blocking the sinister substance that might be causing your hair to fall out
  • SEND YOUR CONFIDENCE SOARING with the first breakthrough that's 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

Dear Thinning Friend,

There's a good chance you've considered going to extreme lengths to save your thinning locks.

Buying $80 shampoos...lathering on "make me gag" tonics to your scalp...even putting yourself through painful surgery.

But why...?

Because you want a full head of thick hair you can be proud of!

Now scientists have finally uncovered one of the secret causes to shedding strands. And as you're about to find out...many of today's complicated, expensive, downright embarrassing solutions are all missing the mark.

This Hair Science Breakthrough
makes it easier than ever to...


My name is Becky Jansen and I am the Director of Research and Development for NorthStar Nutritionals. After sharing the details of the latest revelation in hair science with NorthStar’s Chief Research Advisor, Dr. Allan Spreen...We both agreed we couldn’t wait another second to share what this amazing breakthrough has unlocked for you.

Finally--it's time to slam the brakes on your hair loss and restore your confidence for good! What really causes your hairline to fade and retreat? What's clogging your sink and loading your comb with stray strands of hair?

The answer is going to drop your jaw. It already had scientists slapping their foreheads and screaming, "why didn't we think of this before?"

It turns out...

You might be TOO MANLY
for your hair!

Paul Newman...John Wayne...Mickey Mantle--talk about manly men who kept their hair until the end, right? Not so fast... If you're thinning on top, you might be more of a man than all three of them combined! You know that testosterone makes you a MAN. And it's true, the more of it you have, the more hair you hold on to.

But here's...


Testosterone isn't the only substance that sets men apart. There is an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase that is produced only in specific tissues of the male body. This enzyme transforms regular testosterone into the very potent form of testosterone, DHT.

SUPERCHARGED TESTOSTERONE? You want that, right? WRONG. DHT is pushy and it orders your genes to kick the balding process into high gear. So you might be more of a man, but not in the ways you want...

But as soon as you start blocking this "out of control" testosterone, you can start to see and feel the difference--FAST!

That's where so many shampoos, ointments and sprays fail time after time...


With this hair science revelation in mind, NorthStar Nutritionals set out to develop the ULTIMATE HAIR HERO that goes to work fast for you.

We started with a clean slate and scoured the research halls to find every single natural substance shown to support your healthy hair. From there, we fused the best of the best together to finally create A NEW APPROACH TO HAIR HEALTH. This "power formula" has every thing you and your scalp need, so you could...

  • Feel the "top down" wind whipping through your thick hair--once you start blocking the very substance that could be cutting it loose
  • Brush, comb and slick your mane just how you like--with help from the most powerful hair-fortifying minerals
  • Wipe out every worry you have that your hair might be past the point of saving

We call it RESTORE FX. And this breakthrough formula has already been used in a leading natural health clinic (where the results were fantastic!). In a brief moment I'm going to show you how you can put it to the test.

What are the professionals noticing about Restore FX?
"Men keep coming back for more!"


"I started using it in my practice and while it's still early, the men I've given it to are already coming back for more, which is always a good sign! Of course, hair doesn't grow overnight, but we've started to see results in as little as 30 days. The longer one takes it, the better the results!"

--Founder of a prominent natural medicine
practice and company

But first, I want to show you exactly how Restore FX works...

Breakthrough! "Block and Restore"
Powerhouse helps keep your hair flowing--
four ways stronger!

Did you know...
Restore FX gets you
the hair you want

There are two different kinds of hair on your body. One leads to combing and one leads to covering up. Restore FX helps you get the right one!

Terminal Hair is the thick, pigmented hair found on the top of your head. These are the strands that every man wants to hang on to year after year.

Vellus hair is the thin, non-pigmented hair that covers your arms and legs. This is the stuff that you can barely see.

Androgens tell the thick strong hair to turn into fine, wispy hair. But with every dose of Restore FX you're working to block those androgens and keeping the hair you want!

Try Restore FX
Keep reading for full details

You can lather your head. You can shampoo, rinse and repeat 10 times a day. Maybe it will even help. Maybe... But until this very moment, you have never been able to...

Experience the true power of 4 separate
"Baldness Blockers" all in one place

Restore FX features the ultimate combination of natural DHT inhibitors.

These four hair breakthroughs have been chosen because they top the list of "baldness blockers." So with every dose you're sending out the toughest security squad to push away androgens that could lead to baldness...

Baldness Blocker #1: A load of the "African Androgen Blocker." Androgens are hormones like the hair-killing DHT. But this manly molecule from the evergreen trees of Africa may help block them from affecting your scalp. So DHT never has a chance to boss baldness into your life.

Baldness Blocker #2 and #3: A concentrated shot of the ultimate "hair-defending duo." Researchers tested the effects of these two nutrients together on 19 males between 23 and 64 years of age with mild to moderate balding. By the time the trial was over, 60% of the men taking this unique pairing showed an improvement in scalp hair growth. While this is just one study and research is ongoing we didn't want you to have to wait for this hair-saving breakthrough.

Baldness Blocker #4: The ORIGINAL HAIR HERO. And it's no wonder--this "baldness blocker" works with the other three and may actually supercharge their effects, all while helping to block 5-alpha reductase.

These revolutionary blockers alone are enough to help secure your hair confidence--but Restore FX is just getting started...

This hair treatment could keep you...
Combing, slicking and parting
for years to come!

According to the American Hair Loss Association, by the age of 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.

But right now you are getting the best opportunity to...


Think about it--I bet you're already using some of the latest solutions to for heart health, a bulging waistline or creaky joints.

Just like those, Restore FX uses a NEW SCIENCE to help you keep the head of hair you want. And...

Imagine the incredible CONFIDENCE BOOST
you'll feel when you can finally...

  • · Forget the hats and stop worrying about what you'll do when it's all gone...
  • · Step out of the shower, towel dry your hair, and slick it back with style...
  • · Step up to the barber chair and ask him to "just take a little off the top."

Try Restore FX
Keep reading for full details

It's just so easy to do it!

In the past, hair solutions have been complicated, messy, embarrassing and sometimes even painful. In a moment, I'll show you why Restore FX doesn't fall under any of those categories. In fact, using Restore FX is as easy as sipping a glass of water...

Introducing...The greatest
 guarantee in our
history. With Restore FX...


Most solutions stop short with their guarantees--at a measly 30 days. I believe you will see a difference in that amount of time, but for the real, CONFIDENCE RE-GROWING results you're looking for, it's going to take some time. And with Restore FX you have plenty of time--WITHOUT ANY RISK.

I'm so confident that you'll be combing, parting and slicking with Restore FX that I'm giving you an exclusive offer

With the "See it or leave it" Guarantee, if you don't see results that just get better and better-- just give us a quick call AT ANY TIME and receive a full refund of your purchase price (less shipping).

No questions asked, no harm done. So what are you waiting for? Give Restore FX a try today and see the difference it can make in your life!

But more importantly, you've never been able to see why a hair solution would work. I've told you about the sinister substance you must block at all costs, and now let me show you how you can...

Recharge your roots and
REGAIN your hair confidence--
with these 3 HAIR ESSENTIALS

You want to grow back your confidence.

You want to help hold on to your hair.

You want your wife, your girlfriend or even the behind-the-counter girl comment on how nice and full your hair looks.

On top of your "baldness blockers" Restore FX features an UNRIVALED TEAM of known hair supporters that helps get you there!

  • The ONE VITAMIN your scalp is craving--Biotin has a unique relationship with your scalp's health. Emerging science suggests it may help with scaling issues with the scalp. And Restore FX packs twice the recommended daily value of biotin for extra confidence restoring results!
  • Two MAN MINERALS for your hair health--A shortage of minerals, which are crucial to your hair's health, can be common because their stores are limited. Restore FX helps replenish your reserves of zinc and copper--important minerals for your hair. Zinc deficiency is one of the causes of the most common type of hair loss.
  • Three SECRET SULFUR SAVIORS for your hair--Sulfur is crucial in maintaining healthy tissues such as hair. It's the building block for healthy hair and Restore FX is packing three different nutrients, each loaded with sulfur! DL-Methionine, MSM, and L-cysteine come together in Restore FX to give you a daily boost of hair-nurturing sulfur.

And the list of hair heroes GROWS AND GROWS!

Restore FX features the natural plant compound, DIM and gets even stronger with Grapeseed extract.

This extract contains powerful proanthocyanidins. It's a mouthful, but these nutrients were shown in a study from Japan to promote the proliferation of hair follicle cells from mice by 230%! Although this study was done with mice, any substance with that hair growing power has to be included!

And with that...


Restore FX is armed with newest breakthroughs in hair science. Just take a look... You know about the "baldness blockers" to help keep hair-killing DHT away from your roots...

You know that you can fortify your scalp with all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to STAY STRONG AND STAY PUT... And you even know that you have the breakthrough ingredients to support a healthy inflammatory response and keep hair hormones from going haywire...

Just how EASY
Restore FX is to use!

Don't you love it when the BEST ANSWER IS THE EASIEST ANSWER?

I believe Restore FX is about to explode across the country--not only because of the BREAKTHROUGH SCIENCE or even the incredible results you will see and feel, but because it's just so easy to use!

So many solutions want you to use this shampoo for three days, then switch to this spray for 6 days, then apply this tonic every 45 min...enough already!

Any true solution won't read like a NASA manual. If it does--they're just shooting in the dark.

With Restore FX, it's just one easy step, one time a day. You never have to switch solutions or follow some convoluted schedule.

Is Restore FX some oily, slimy mess you lather on your scalp? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Some solutions turn your scalp into a shiny, oily disaster that your friends can smell a mile away.

That doesn't sound like a solution to me--just another nasty, uncomfortable problem to worry about. With Restore FX, no one will ever know your secret. There are no tonics, no lotions, no smells and absolutely no mess.

Is it painful or are there dangerous side effects? NO.

I'm sure you've seen the commercials asking you to join "the club." I can't imagine using that membership. Imagine, taking hair from the back of your head and literally sewing it into your scalp. That sounds like torture to me--not a solution!

Restore FX is safe. There are no dangerous side effects and it is absolutely painless.

In fact, Restore FX is as easy as swallowing a soft pill--because Restore FX comes in nice, easy, and effective softgels that you take just once a day!

Now that adds up to the first
real breakthrough in hair science!

FINALLY--we know what works!

Restore FX is grounded in NEW scientific breakthroughs--and it's all just so easy.

But you're a might be busy or just too embarrassed, or think you're just destined to lose one of the things you love most about yourself--a full head of hair.

So I want to make this decision very easy for you...

Before another hair hits the floor...

I'm going to give you the best offer I can. One that literally releases you of any risk whatsoever for trying Restore FX today.

I know saving your hair and restoring your confidence is not a life or death matter. But isn't it time you did something that just makes you feel good?

Simply put, Restore FX can work for you. And to prove it, I'm giving you...

Boost your confidence and
Auto-Delivery Service!

Simply put, our Auto-Delivery service is...

  • The easiest way to get your supply of Restore FX with monthly deliveries that arrive right when you need it Completely RISK-FREE.
  • You can call to cancel, adjust the timing or adjust the quantity of your order anytime you want...
  • FREE of shipping charges. That's right, you never pay a cent for shipping--saving you over $83 a year in shipping alone

NorthStar Nutritionals'
"SEE IT or leave it" Guarantee!

This is your key to...

  • Standing taller...regaining your swagger...and struttin' like Tut with THE HAIR YOU WANT
  • Savoring the wind, relishing the water, and treasuring her fingertips running through you hair
  • Looking in the mirror and FEELING A SURGE OF CONFIDENCE at the sight of your thick hair

Nothing should prevent you from trying it--No doubts, no worries and no regrets.

So allow me to take them out of the equation for you.

You have as long as you’d like TO TRY RESTORE FX and no matter how much you order today--you don't risk a single copper cent of the product price.

Feel the difference and see the results--
or you PAY ZILCH.

Here at NorthStar Nutritionals, we're quite confident you'll see results--and it's likely to improve with every passing month... So the longer you take Restore FX, the better your results will be!

In 30 DAYS, you could SEE the difference in the mirror...

In 60 DAYS, you could FEEL the difference in the shower...

In 90 DAYS, you could HEAR your wife whisper how much your hair drives her crazy...

If you don't--return Restore FX for every last penny you paid (less shipping).

It couldn't be more simple--You have as long as you need to put this breakthrough to the ultimate test. After that time, if you want every penny you spent on Restore FX back--you're only a quick phone call away from making that happen.

Does that put your mind to rest? GOOD! So stock up now and...


Heck, I'm even going to give you EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS today. Today when you place your order you’re also eligible to enroll in our FREE and easy Auto-Delivery Service which includes FREE SHIPPING with every order!.

You still get the “See it or Leave it” Guarantee, to experience Restore FX absolutely RISK-FREE. But now you can lock into these savings and save up to $133 a year!

Breakthrough science...
and exclusive savings?

Why not order today, so you can feel the thickening, confidence-boosting results for yourself.

Give it a try! You have nothing to lose and thick, full head of hair to gain!

Just imagine how great it would feel to swipe a comb through your healthy head of hair. SO GO AND GET IT with Restore FX.

You have as long as you need to put it to the test with the "See it or leave it" Guarantee and today you can get in on savings that will total up to $133!

Forget the tonics. Forget the clogged sinks. Forget the disappointed looks in the mirror.

It's time to RECLAIM YOUR CONFIDENCE--and Restore FX is the first step to getting there.

Plus, you can feel secure about giving Restore FX a try--because there isn't a single risk. See the difference this hair science revolution can make on your head--and in your life.

Congratulations on your newfound swagger,

Becky Jansen

Director of Research and Development,
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. Restore FX is a 21st century breakthrough in hair science and it's all in one incredibly easy supplement. Remember, you can save up to $133 a year with our FREE Auto-Delivery Service. And with the "See it or leave it" Guarantee, you can put it to the test RISK FREE! Don't miss this opportunity to try this new hair health miracle.


Allergy warning: contains soy

Warning: If pregnant or nursing, consult your health care practitioner before taking this product.

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"Restore FX has given me hope that I won't go completely bald.  I can see the hair growing on the bald spots and there is no longer any hair falling out when I take a shower!"
—Carl D’Angelo, Newport News, VA*


"I´ve been taking [Restore FX] for 4 months and the results are amazing! My hair is growing again... Thanks for such amazing product."

—Dan Garrison, Columbus, OH*


*Individual results may vary.