Thyroid Performance Plus

Do you feel fat and sluggish? Thyroid Performance Plus specifically targets your "master gland" to increase energy, support your metabolism, and keep you feeling great. Just imagine...

  • Waking up every morning with a smile, feeling warm, alert, and alive with energy...
  • Seeing your diet and exercise efforts magnified...
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Thyroid issues impact so many other aspects of your health. That often-overlooked gland is responsible for your energy levels, and metabolism after all.

So all the times you just didn’t have the energy…

Or just couldn’t quite focus…

Didn’t feel quite like yourself…

Or skipped dessert, only to see the scale stay put…

There could be an explanation for ALL of it.

If this all sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place. Because Thyroid Performance Plus was designed for people just like you – who are tired of your thyroid making it harder to keep up with the activities you enjoy.

We combined all the ingredients you need to get your thyroid firing, into a single supplement:

• Iodine – the building block of the thyroid hormone you need for energy. Your body cannot create iodine on its own, so it’s vital to get it from food or supplements.

• L-tyrosine – an amino acid that works with iodine to keep levels of thyroid hormone healthy. Thyroid hormones aren’t just iodine. You need both the mineral and the amino acid. Plus, L-tyrosine helps boost mood and mental clarity, so you want to participate in life, as well as having the energy to do so!

• Forskohlii root extract – to take on the thyroid issues that have slowed your weight loss to a crawl. This unusual ingredient can help you lose even more weight than diet and exercise alone.

• Ashwagandha – to nourish your entire endocrine system, including your thyroid, for even more support. Once you feel the boost this herb gives you, you’ll understand why it’s been valued for centuries in traditional medicines.

• And selenium, zinc, and copper - the trace minerals your thyroid needs to function without skipping a beat. The research is in, and these 3 minerals are linked to the healthiest thyroids.

It’s simple – you can’t have the best thyroid supplement without these ingredients. Why make your thyroid work harder than it needs to? Take the thyroid supplement with the best, most effective ingredients. Take Thyroid Performance Plus.

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