New push to give everyone statins

Your LDL levels are normal... you have no sign of heart disease... and not even a family history that might boost your risk.

But your doctor wants you to take cholesterol-lowering statin meds anyway.


There's a massive push underway to give these drugs to just about everyone with a pulse -- like the new study in Lancet that claims literally everyone over 50 ...even the healthiest of us...should take statins.

But let me show you just how insane that is.

Researchers claim their analysis of data from 27 clinical trials shows that every 1 point reduction in levels of LDL cholesterol -- the so-called "bad" cholesterol -- cuts the risk of serious adverse events like heart attack and stroke by 21 percent in patients with no sign of heart disease.

That might sound big, but that's an old trick.

The absolute numbers are so small you'd barely notice them -- because people with no sign of heart disease have a very small risk to begin with. But when you express it as a percentage, you can make it sound a whole lot bigger.

Here's the real-world numbers: The researchers admit you'd have to put 1,000 people on statins for five years to prevent just 11 heart events.

That's it.

Not impressed? Me neither -- but hold on, because this gets even worse.

We know from other studies that statin users risk of diabetes increases by up to 60 percent!

In addition, up to 150 of those 1,000 patients will experience muscle pain that in some cases will be severe and even debilitating.

Statins can also cause cataracts, sexual dysfunction, memory problems, and more. And there's even evidence that bringing cholesterol levels down too low ¬-- as statins are known to do -- can cause cancer.

There are much better ways to bring your cholesterol levels down, starting with basic changes to your diet and a little more exercise. In addition, a holistic doctor can guide you toward the safe and natural treatments that can also help. In fact, we help people slash their cardiovascular risk in my clinic every day.