The common drug that can ruin your vision

Your muscles ache, you can't see well, and you can't even get things going in bed anymore -- these aren't the signs of old age.

They're signs you're taking statins, the cholesterol-lowering meds that can do more damage to your body than aging ever will, and they can strike at any age.

Now, a new study confirms one of those all-too-common risks, as researchers find that people who take cholesterol meds have a higher risk of cataracts, the leading cause of vision loss on the planet.

Overall, the study of 6,400 cataract patients finds that statin use increases the risk of the condition by 57 percent -- and that's even after adjusting for all the other possible contributors, including smoking, blood pressure, and gender.

So the drug can increase the risk of cataracts. Bad, right? But it's not done messing with your vision yet -- because in addition to increasing the risk of getting cataracts, statins can also make sure you get them at an earlier age than ever.

In non-diabetics, the odds of getting cataracts hit 50 percent at the age of 57.3... unless statins are involved. If you take those meds, the risk reaches 50 percent at the age of 54.9.

In diabetics, it's even worse. They hit the 50 percent risk mark at the age of 55.1 -- but when they take statins, they cross that line at the age of 51.7.

Put it all together, and that means a diabetic who takes statins can expect to get cataracts nearly six years earlier than a non-diabetic who doesn't take the drugs.

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