No gimmicks -- but it works

Trendy diets come and go all the time. Cleansing diets, cookie diets, celebrity diets and how many people out there have a juicer gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the kitchen?

Don't be shy, you're not alone -- Jack LaLanne was an excellent salesman.

But there's one diet that's withstood both the test of time and rigorous scientific scrutiny. In fact, it's aced just about every study that's come its way.

It doesn't make headlines because there are no gimmicks, no devices to buy, and no celebrities to endorse it.

But it works.

It's the Mediterranean diet, a sensible lifestyle with a wide range of healthy food choices that's scientifically proven to help people to lose weight and keep it off -- and a new study shows that it succeeds where most other diets fail.

And that's in the long term.

After six years, moderately overweight volunteers who tried a Mediterranean diet lost more weight -- and kept more weight off -- than those who were assigned to either a low-carb or low-fat diet.

What makes this study even more amazing is that it only lasted two years, officially.

In that time -- during the official study -- both low-carbers and those on the Mediterranean diet lost an average of about 10 pounds, while those who went low-fat lost 6.4 pounds.

Then, they were free to go ahead and do whatever they wanted. Amazingly, not everyone ran right out to McDonald's. Many of them stuck to their diets, on their own.

And four years after the study ended -- six years after it began -- everyone regained some weight, but the Mediterranean dieters regained the least.

They were 7 pounds lighter overall, on average, while the low-carbers were nearly 4 pounds lighter. Those on the low-fat diet, on the other hand, regained nearly everything.

The benefits didn't end there. The patients who stuck to the Mediterranean diet had the biggest improvements in LDL cholesterol levels, and just about tied with the low-carbers for improvements in triglycerides.

The study didn't track everything, but we know from other research that people who follow the Mediterranean diet get a bunch of other great benefits, too -- including a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and more.

One study I told you about recently even found that Mediterranean dieters have better overall physical function and mental health, higher levels of vitality, and lower levels of pain.

It's not just that the Mediterranean diet is better than all the other diets, although that's certainly part of it.

No, the real reason is that many diets -- even the healthy ones -- are often far too difficult for people to follow over the long term. Who can count calories every day? Who has the willpower to give up bread forever? Who can live off "low fat" foods all the time?

The Mediterranean lifestyle solves all those problems and more by offering a wide range of delicious foods, few sacrifices, and absolutely no math.

Just stick to sensible portions and give up fast food, processed foods, and the worst of the snacks and you'll find out firsthand why this diet doesn't just work -- it lasts.