Cancel out genetic stroke risk with this diet

When it comes to stroke, there are some risk factors that might seem like they're beyond your control -- like age and genetics.

But while you can't do much about your age, there is something you can do about those genes -- because new research finds that a good diet can actually undo the risk that tags along with certain genetic mutations.

And all you have to do is eat right -- eat the healthy, delicious, diverse and satisfying Mediterranean diet I've been telling you about.

In the new study, more than 7,000 adults over the age of 55 were put on either a low-fat diet or one of two versions of the Mediterranean diet. One version had more olive oil, while the other had more nuts.

Some of the volunteers had genetic mutations that are found in nearly a third of all white people and is known to increase the risk of diabetes -- itself a risk factor for stroke -- and increase the risk of stroke.

It's such a powerful and dangerous mutation that patients in the study who had it and followed a low-fat diet had triple the risk of stroke of those without the genetic  mutations.

But in the volunteers who went with either version of the Mediterranean diet, the risk of stroke was completely normal -- exactly the same as those who don't have the genetic mutations.

In other words, this diet can actually help you reshape your own genetic risk factors -- and even if you don't have any genetic mutations, a Mediterranean diet can still help slash your stroke risk by as much as 46 percent, according to one recent study.

And if that's not enough of a reason to give it a try, the Mediterranean diet can help protect your heart, prevent dementia and even take a little weight off your middle.

You can learn more about the benefits of this terrific and healthy lifestyle right here.