EZzz Spray PM

EZzz Spray PM is designed to support healthy sleep patterns. The ingredients inside promote rest and restoration. 

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This is probably the first product I have ever ordered that worked as described.  I know that as we age we lose levels of collagen, glutathione and melatonin.  (I read my health emails from various doctors).  I desired more quality of sleep.  I would describe it as effective, easy and tasty.  I noticed the effect the very first night.  My sleep was deep.  Two sprays are effective for me, but I find that I do better taking the sprays earlier rather than later.  By that I mean perhaps an hour or two before bed.  I usually have to get up to go to the bathroom one to two times a night and with this, I only do once or not at all.  It is easy deep sleep.  I gave a bottle to my sister who sleeps fitfully and she could not believe the difference it made.  You have a great product here.

-Tyler E., Chantilly, VA*


I was skeptical!  After 15 years of taking other remedies for sleep, I decided to get off of them.  I suffered for three months with restless sleep. I ordered EZzzSpray PM out of desperation and to my complete surprise, it worked the very first night after only two sprays! I slept like a baby the entire night! No tossing and turning.

 What a Miracle this is! I would recommend EZzzSpray PM to anyone having problems with sleep.

 Thank You NorthStar Nutritionals! 

-Charles O., Dallas, TX*


It works well!  I take two sprays on my tongue a few minutes before going to bed, lay down and I am sleeping almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.  It works far better than the sleep aid supplements I was taking for years.  Thank you.  It is a great product.

-Wade G., Tallahassee, FL*


I find EZzzSpray to be immensely effective on most occasions.  It allows me to get to sleep more quickly than formerly, and most important, it allows me to get back to sleep once I've risen to go to the bathroom.  That is a major plus, in addition to its allowing me a usual 8 to 9 hours of good rest.  I had wrestled with that during the last few years.  So, it's amazing so far!     

-Giselle F., Provo, UT


EZzzSpray is quick, effect and has no side effects!  It started working for me the very first night.  I'm not tossing and turning now.  I was skeptical at first that just two sprays would make such a difference. I find that I'm more willing to face daily challenges with a full nights sleep. 

-Marge D., Eugene, OR*


I have been using EZzzSpray for several weeks now and it has helped me fall asleep and sleep deeply, but not so deeply that I can't function if I have to get up. If I wake up halfway through the night, I can use it again and I'm good to go for the rest of the night. It really has been a blessing for me. I have a dark, cool room with no ambient light; a comfortable bed and no electronics, but that in itself wasn't enough to give me the sleep I needed.

-Judy J., Topeka, KS*



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